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Painting and cleaning your industrial ceilings is an excellent way to help your company save money. Industrial ceilings have a way of becoming caked in grime and dust from work done on the floor. But few ever think that a clean and light painted ceiling can help save you a lot of money on the installations of light fixtures. Just like putting a candle in front of a mirror can help light up a room, a light colored ceiling better reflects light onto the rest of the room. This not only helps you cut down on lighting and electricity costs, but it can also help workers be more aware and productive by giving them more light to perform their duties.

Why Clean an Industrial Ceiling?

Just like any paint job, your industrial ceiling needs to be properly cleaned first. Cleaning the surface before painting is crucial in ensuring the longevity of the paint job. Leftover paint and grime can disrupt the way that paint bonds with the surface it is applied to. This can lead to cracking, chipping and faster deterioration over time.

Methods to Cleaning Industrial Ceilings

There are several different methods used to properly clean an industrial ceiling.

First is power washing. Many paint jobs can easily be removed with a high pressure water hose. The high pressure water is able to simply strip the paint off of the surface it is applied to. However, this method is generally wet and messy and can cause problems to some industrial spaces.

The second most commonly used method is sandblasting. With this method, abrasive materials are sprayed at high pressure onto a surface. The abrasive materials are often fine synthetic beads or actually sand itself. This helps to knock off the stuck-on paint that can be left on an industrial ceiling. It can also help to smooth and sand down a paintable surface to allow the paint to better bond with the ceiling.

Chemical treatments are also used to clean an industrial ceiling. This involves the application of paint thinners and strippers to chemically remove the paint from the ceiling itself.

In all cases, when you clean your industrial ceiling, make sure your equipment is properly covered and in some cases sealed. This can help avoid any damage from some of the rougher methods of industrial ceiling cleaning.

Painting Your Industrial Ceiling

Today, almost all industrial painting is done using paint sprayers. Using a sprayer allows you to more evenly coat a surface without having to constantly re-dip a brush. It also speeds productivity. One man with a paint sprayer can cover a larger area much faster than two men with paint rollers or brushes. This saves you time and money.

For industrial ceilings, there are many different paint and coating options you can use. You can opt for traditional oil or latex based paints. There are specially formulated paints to help stop and prevent rust. There are specialty epoxies, urethanes and enamels. Specifically designed dry wall paints are also available.

Why get your Industrial Ceiling Painted?

Aside from the added visibility a bright ceiling can provide, a clean and freshly painted ceiling can make your warehouse, factory, or store house just look better and more professional. Ceiling Painting USA will completely transform your industrial ceiling. You will be amazed at the results after our painting professionals clean and paint your workspace. Please contact the toll free number listed above to find out more.

Additional Benefits of Having Industrial Ceilings Painted and Cleaned

Having your industrial ceilings cleaned on a regular basis does much more than just remove routine grime and dirt. Have your ceiling cleaned can also help remove harmful chemicals and substances that can buildup on ceilings over a period of time. These substances can occasionally get into the air and can cause an unhealthy environment for employees or customers.

Having ceilings cleaned on a regular basis can also save you money in the future. Ceilings will become very dirty if you wait for long periods of time in between cleanings. Mold can often grow on ceilings if they aren't cleaned regularly and dirt buildup will be extensive. It will likely be expensive to have very dirty ceilings cleaned, and treating things such as mold can cost thousands of dollars. Having ceilings cleaned on a regular basis is relatively inexpensive and will save you from having to pay more money later on to fix serious issues.

Having your industrial ceilings painted on a regular basis will help create an atmosphere that is safe and appealing for your employees to work in. Employees will feel more comfortable coming to work in an environment that is clean and regularly maintained rather than one that is dirty and unkempt.

Additionally, having your industrial ceilings cleaned and painted regularly will help your company project a professional image. No matter what industry you work in, creating a professional image is essential to the overall success of your company.

It is necessary to have industrial ceilings cleaned and painted on a regular basis to maintain a safe and professional atmosphere. Depending upon the type of work being performed at your company, ceilings should be cleaned every 6 to 12 months. Ceilings should generally be painted every 24 to 36 months.

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