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Military ceilings must be able to withstand decades without requiring much maintenance. Their low cost and high durability provides military services with economical advantages as well as protection from weather. Military ceiling painting must also conform to benchmarks of durability while staying within government specific budgets.

Cleaning Your Military Ceilings

All elements of your military ceiling must be properly cleaned before a fresh coat of paint can be applied. Military ceilings can become a haven for dust, dirt, nicotine molecules and other toxins that ultimately promote ceiling deterioration and contribute to poor indoor air quality. In order to restore your military ceiling, some standard cleaning procedures are employed.

High powered HEPA filtered vacuums are used on the ceiling and all connected accessories such as rafters, piping, beams, ducts and lighting. High powered vacuums remove all visible dirt and dust from your military ceiling. This is often the first step in a multi-stage cleaning procedure. By using a high powered vacuum, the air quality of your building can be immediately improved and will help prepare your military ceiling for additional cleaning treatment.

Your military ceiling can be further cleansed with the use of commercial cleaners applied with a spray system. The high pressure spray system applies non-toxic cleaning chemicals onto your military ceilings in order to dissolve dirt, dust, bacteria and other contaminants. The cleaning chemicals used effectively penetrate the ceiling material to ensure that every dirt molecule is broken down and dissolved.

Painting Your Military Ceilings

Once your military ceiling has been cleaned, a variety of different industrial grade painting options are available depending on your needs and budget. Military ceilings are painted using high volume spray systems that provide a large and consistent coat of paint. Your military ceiling paint can also help improve the level of lighting in your building. With coats of durable white paint, indoor brightness and visibility can be drastically improved. However, there are durable painting solutions for any type of color combination you desire.

Various types of substances and coatings can be used to match your military ceiling needs. Epoxies can be used as a base for durable dry fall paint, which requires no drying period. High adhesion coatings of paint can be applied for areas of your military ceiling that receive little to no cleaning or maintenance over the years. Low odor and emissions coatings are also available in order to maintain the best possible indoor air quality in your building. All painting and coating options are tested beforehand on your military ceiling material in order to ensure long-term adhesion. Furthermore, building ventilation and safety measures are constantly checked in order to keep the environment safe and to ensure that your painted and coated military ceiling remains free of pollutants and toxins.

The military has a standard of cleanliness and durability to uphold, and military ceilings are no exception. Just like any other ceiling, military ceilings can easily become breeding grounds for harmful lead dust and dirt as well as toxins such as nicotine molecules. This makes the high-powered HEPA filtered vacuum a perfect cleaning tool. Ceiling Painting USA has all of these tools at their disposal to clean and paint your military ceiling. You can find out more by calling the toll free number listed above.

Military Ceilings - How the HEPA Vacuum Can Work For You

All ceilings should be routinely cleaned and painted, which is where the HEPA filtered vacuum comes in. HEPA stands for High Efficiency Particulate Air, but in a more basic sense, HEPA is simply a type of filter that is capable of trapping large amounts of tiny dust particles. A standard vacuum cleaner with an average filter would never be able to pick up the small dust mites that a HEPA filter can trap.

Since a HEPA filter is able to trap such tiny dust particles, it is an ideal tool for anyone who routinely suffers from allergies or other health problems associated with being around military ceilings. No matter what type of military ceiling you're looking to restore, whether it's for a military base or a corporate military office, everyone will benefit from a reduced amount of dust and toxins in the air.

We serve a variety of military clients including:

  • Air Force Airports
  • Air Force Bases
  • Air Force Fire Stations
  • Air Force Hangars
  • Air Force Headquarters
  • Army Airports
  • Army Bases
  • Army Warehouses
  • Bunker Silos
  • Civil Defense Shelters
  • Coast Guard Bases
  • Coast Guard Headquarters
  • Marine Corps Bases
  • Marine Corps Headquarters
  • Military Airports
  • Military Bases
  • Military Depots
  • Military Dormitories
  • Military Fire Stations
  • Military Hangars
  • Military Headquarters
  • Military Police Stations
  • Missile Silos
  • National Guard Bases
  • Navy Airports
  • Navy Bases
  • Navy Headquarters
  • Submarine Bases
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