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Ceiling Painting USA has over 20 years of experience with providing nationwide services for ceiling painting. When having work done on industrial or commercial ceilings, it is important to hire trained professionals for any ceiling painting services. Painting industrial ceilings poses a serious risk and should only be attempted by licensed contractors to ensure that a safe and quality job is done. Ceiling Painting USA provides safe ceiling cleaning and painting services.

Nationwide Ceiling Painting Services

There is no job too big or small for our staff of professional contractors. They have experience in providing ceiling painting services for a variety of clients. From industrial and commercial buildings to universities and military facilities nationwide, our staff has experience painting on a number of different types of ceilings. Our professional contractors can handle any type of building material with expert care. We understand that every ceiling is unique and we strive to meet the individual expectations of every client.

Painting your industrial ceiling is a good investment. Not only will a fresh coat of paint help to better protect your ceiling from weathering, it will also have your building looking like new. This can have a positive effect on both the work environment you provide and the appearance of your building to potential customers and clients. By painting your ceiling a light color, you can even cut back on your energy costs. White paint is reflective, allowing more ambient light to be produced without the use of more bulbs or fixtures. This will make for a brighter working environment and can lead to fewer unnecessary accidents. A new coat of ceiling paint can also save on your heating and cooling costs by sealing cracks and holes where air can escape.

Nationwide Ceiling Cleaning Services

Other than professional ceiling painting services, our contractors are also licensed to perform ceiling cleaning duties. Ceiling Painting USA primarily uses sandblasting techniques to remove the build up of scale, grime, rust and old paint. Before most ceiling painting services are performed, our contractors will use sandblasting to create a smoother surface for the paint to stick to. Our ceiling cleaning services can even make your older paint job look brand new. Our nationwide contractors will also provide alternative ceiling cleaning services such as chemical cleaning, solvent cleaning and hand cleaning for ceilings made from materials not suitable for sandblasting.

The professional painting experts of Ceiling Painting USA can provide nationwide services that fit your schedule. We will work with you so that a shut down is not necessary while ceiling painting services are taking place. Our nationwide contractors can work nights, weekends and holidays so as not to interrupt your day to day commerce. We can work on painting your ceiling one section at a time to keep your business running smoothly while ceiling painting services are rendered. We strive to maintain a personal relationship with each of our clients and to provide a specially tailored service that fits your needs. Ceiling Painting USA is concerned with making sure that you get the exact ceiling that you require. We will work closely with you to make sure you are happy with any services that we perform. Feel free to call the toll free number listed above for more details.

Logistical Information of Nationwide Ceiling Cleaning and Painting Services

When our company paints commercial and industrial ceilings, we usually use white paint. White paint is most commonly used because it is very clean and professional looking. It is also aesthetically pleasing and can even improve lighting throughout the building. However, our company is very accommodating and we can paint any color that a client wants. We serve many different clients and are committed to meeting their individual painting needs.

Our company employs many skilled contractors and we are equipped to handle a wide variety of nationwide services for cleaning and painting. We can provide services to buildings ranging in size from a few hundred square feet to well over 10,000 square feet. The time that it will take us to complete each project will vary depending on the size of the building. For smaller buildings, we can usually complete the project in under three days. For larger projects, it can take up to a couple of weeks. However, we always work with each individual client to complete the project according to their preferences and schedule.

Our nationwide ceiling clients include:

  • Auto Repair Chains
  • Book Store Chains
  • Chain Stores
  • Convenience Store Chains
  • Discount Store Chains
  • Farm Supply Chains
  • Fast Food Chains
  • Gas Station Chains
  • Hardware Chain Stores
  • Home Center Chains
  • Large Discount Store Chains
  • Large Hotel Chains
  • Multi Branch Banks
  • Multi Location Businesses
  • Multi Plant Locations
  • Multiple Factory Locations
  • National Auto Dealers
  • National Beverage Manufacturers
  • National Chain Stores
  • National Distribution Centers
  • National Hotels
  • National Manufacturers
  • National Motels
  • Nationwide Manufacturers
  • Office Supply Chains
  • Restaurant Chains
  • Retail Chain Stores
  • Shopping Mall Chains
  • Statewide Banks
  • Supermarket Chains
  • Truck Stop Chains
  • Warehouse Chains
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