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Ceiling Painting USA
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 10 reviews
by Zack D. on Ceiling Painting USA
Happy With Job

I care about both my employees and my customers, and having inferior paint on my walls just doesn’t help with that. I saw how dirty the walls were and that there was just a ton of gunk and possibly toxic material since the coating was coming off, and I just couldn’t realize that a painter could do such a poor job. Fortunately for me though, I heard of Ceiling Painting USA and how they could clean the walls for me and paint over it in a manner that was with great care but without taking so much time I had to shut down for an eternity.

Zack D. - Chicago, IL

by Stan M. on Ceiling Painting USA
Valued Customer

I saw that the paint job on my ceiling looked as if the paint was about to come off and stain over the whole place. I didn’t have the funds to get some industrial paint job for my ceiling, however Ceiling Painting USA worked with me and my budget to resolve the issue and repaint my poor ceilings. However, they didn’t just repaint it, with my budget I was still able to get the ceilings sandblasted to prepare it to be painted and not just simply have them paint over the shoddy job of a paint job my ceilings had at the time. Ceiling Painting USA treated me like a valued customer and I didn’t have to worry about shutting down for long which was very important to me.

Stan M. - Akron, OH

by Sandy J. on Ceiling Painting USA
Great Painters

The guy's did a fine job repainting the ceiling of my local department store at a cost that didn’t break the bank nor causing a shut down. I care about both my employees and workers and when I realized that the painting job the previous painters left for my ceiling looked absolutely horrendous, I had to resolve this issue. Ceiling Painting USA worked with me and catered to my needs to create a plan that would slowly get rid of the old paint and bring in a new quality paint job for my ceiling. The painters that were painting my ceiling had years of experience and I knew I wasn’t just hiring some rookie that would just be testing out his skills on my ceiling, which I highly appreciate since I couldn’t waste any time.

Sandy J. - Fort Worth, TX

by Bob L. on Ceiling Painting USA
Very Professional

Ceiling Painting USA created a very intricate plan with me to resolve my issues at a cost that wasn’t expensive nor did I have to shut down for them to work, which was very important to me since if I did have to shut down it may have been for good. They also didn’t just paint over the inferior paint job, they first sandblasted to prepare my ceiling to be painted and used different kind of material then that is used for walls that was much more durable.

Bob L. - Akron, Oh

by Bill F. on Ceiling Painting USA
On Time, Neat And Quick

When I first opened up my local office I expected everything to be clean and with quality for the price I paid, but of course the ceiling looked extremely awful. Not only was it highly stained, but I could see the coating about to come off and I knew that had I waited any longer, it may have stained the floors as well. I was recommended over to Ceiling Painting USA and much to my astonishment, I was able to get my ceilings repainted and sandblasted at a cost that didn’t break the bank nor having to shut down for the project to be completed. Ceiling Painting USA is a service I’d definitely recommend to anyone and everyone who needs their ceilings repainted.

Bill F. - Alexandria, LA

by Judy H. on Ceiling Painting USA
The Price And Quality Of Work Is Good

A service I’d definitely recommend to anyone who needs an industrial repainting of a ceiling for their commercial building such as I, due to the fact that the previous painters did such a tacky job. Ceiling Painting USA told me how you’re supposed to use a different grade paint when working with ceilings which the previous owners didn’t and was why the coating looked like it was about to come off. Of course, I didn’t have much money to work with, but that was absolutely fine since Ceiling Painting USA didn’t cause me to expend a small fortune for the job to be completed. They also didn’t just paint over the tacky ceiling but first sandblasted the place (not with actual sand, since I learned it could cause diseases) as to prepare to repaint.

Judy H. - Orlando, FL

by Fred T. on Ceiling Painting USA
Amazing Job

I wanted my employees and customers feel as if they were at home when they came to my restaurant. But, when I saw the ceiling, I asked myself “whose home was an extremely inferior paint job for their ceiling?” Once I answered this (which was no one), I went ahead and contacted Ceiling Painting USA and worked with them to professionally repaint my ceiling at a cost that didn’t’ break the bank nor face significant down time, both factors which were critically to expending money for services. They got the job done with great care and left my ceiling look brand new and not with a tacky paint job.

Fred T. - Flint, MI

by Scott L. on Ceiling Painting USA
Fair Prices

As a warehouse manager I wanted to create a good working environment. When I saw the ceiling though, I realized that we weren’t operating in decent working conditions, but instead we were operating as if we didn’t care about our employees. The ceiling looked to me as if it was highly toxic and as if there was more stains on it then actual paint.

I contacted Ceiling Painting USA and they were able to cater to my every need to repaint my ceiling but first, they would sandblast the ceiling to prepare it to be painted on. I learned that the previous painters used the same exact material to paint the ceiling as they would with the wall, which you’re not supposed to do because the ceiling needs a thicker, more durable paint. I also realized that the people who were working on my ceiling were professionals and not people who just entered the business which was critical because I couldn’t afford to just waste time.

Scott L. - Tampa, FL

by Sam T. on Ceiling Painting USA
Made It Perfect For Me

My friend and I first opened up our local store together but we realized that no one would want to even window shop at a place that had such a disgusting ceiling. When we heard about Ceiling Painting USA and how they could professionally repaint our ceiling and at our price range, we immediately jumped on board. We got our ceiling repainted in such a quick manner that we didn’t even have to shut down and they worked with us to carry out a plan for the project.

They also sandblasted our ceiling to prepare it to be painted over with professional paint, which we opted for since we didn’t want one trace of the inferior paint on our walls. Ceiling Painting USA is a great service that we both recommend to anyone and everyone who needs a commercial repainting of their ceiling.

Sam T. - Fort Wayne, IN

by Don B. on Ceiling Painting USA
Highly Recommended

I maintain a comedy theater and when my customers informed me that I should get my ceiling repainted, I took a brief analysis myself and also thought so. The ceilings were stained, the paint didn’t flow in one direction, and I saw more stain then paint.

Ceiling Painting USA was the first company I hopped on board with to get the job done and professionally repaint my ceiling and at a cost that my boss wouldn’t flip about. The project was completed fairly quickly, I didn’t have to shut down, and my ceiling looked bright and white, something other competitors just couldn’t have done as well as Ceiling Painting USA which is why I’d recommend it to anyone and everyone.

Don B. - Atlanta, GA

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